Order & Delivery

a) Delivery

i) An adult 21 years or older must be available to sign for delivery.Lexi Sangrias delivery team cannot leave wine on a door step, that's illegal.

b) Extreme Weather

i) During warm summer months we highly recommend that you choose to include a Cold Pack - even if it's not hot in your area, we have to consider the temperatures along the shipping route. Orders that arrive heat-damaged without a Cold Pack cannot be credited, refunded, or replaced.

c) Cancellations

i) Order Errors: We're unable to cancel orders placed in error any point during order processing and fulfillment.


● We’re unable to accept returns for any reason, this includes orders placed in error.

● Undelivered sangrias cannot be credited, returned, or reshipped because we aren’t able to guarantee the sangria quality once it leaves our warehouse.

● A credit can only be applied to a customer's account if the Lexi Sangrias delivery team returns a package due to an error.